Mob Pop was developed and Patented by Iain Cook a passionate sailor and Maritime Safety Professional. The idea came to him whilst packing away his children’s Pop Up beach shelter after a day on the Water. Iain then cut up the aforementioned sun shelter and made the first working prototype with his Mum, this was then tested using various members of the family as the Guinea Pigs. Following the successful testing and small modifications Iain then applied for Patent protection and began looking for routes to Market…….

The experience Iain gained from racing in events such as the Fastnet and Sydney to Hobart, cruising extensively with his young family and working for 10 years in Marine safety have led to the development of this product. “There are lots of choices when it comes to the recovery of an MOB, but I haven’t seen anything that achieves what this product does and the way in which it does it. As I’ve always said to my customers, there’s no button we can press that will get an MOB magically back on board. What we have to do is prepare ourselves in the best way possible and have the best tools at hand to achieve a successful recovery and I think the Mob Pop is an essential tool.”