Mob Pop is A New product in Man overboard Recovery (MOB)

Mob Pop is a new product in Man Overboard Recovery (MOB). There are many different methods of recovering a casualty from the water but the Mob Pop takes a fresh approach to tried and tested methods. It’s simplicity and speed of deployment comes from its unique ‘Pop Up’ action and lends itself to recovering both a conscious or unconscious casualty from the water.

In a MOB situation time is critical especially if the casualty is unconscious. The skipper and crew have a lot to execute if they are to be successful in the recovery and the products they use are at the centre of  this success.

Deploying the Mob Pop literally happens in the blink of an eye and all you have to do is work out the best way to lift the casualty, this will differ depending on the type of boat but a Halyard, handy Billy or davit are perfect.

Once the Mob Pop is open it can be controlled just under the surface of the water allowing the casualty to be manoeuvred into the sling even if they are unable to help themselves. Simply begin lifting the casualty and the sling then wraps them up like a hammock and prevents them being washed out.

3 IN 1

1. A Scoop which can be lifted aboard via Halyard, Handy Billy or Davit

2. A Cargo net style ladder 

3. An Emergency stretcher

Key Features


One of the things that sets Mob Pop apart from the competition is the speed of deployment. It only needs one person to attach a Halyard or similar and remove it from the storage bag, as it drops clear it Pops into a large open net and ready for use. No tying bits on or working out how best to set it up, it really is that simple. All of this buys you time and allows you to concentrate on the next task.


In the commercial shipping world large nets and scoops are the preferred means of recovering an MOB, but space on smaller boats makes the use of these impossible. Mob Pop gives the best of both worlds with a small packed size for storage but a large open net for recovery, the clever part is that the net is held wide open to enable  the casualty to be more easily manoeuvred and does not crush the person during the lift. Add to this the Mop Pop can be held underwater to slide the net underneath the person and it gives you the best chance of success.

Horizontal lift

Up to 20% of casualties die during or after the recovery process, therefore it is key to lift a casualty horizontally and minimise movement to avoid post rescue collapse or heart failure. The Mob Pop not only achieves this during the recovery but can also be used as an emergency stretcher afterwards.


The Mob Pop is simple and because it’s so simple there’s less to go wrong. The Sea is a hostile environment and most safety items sit dormant for a long time hoping never to be used, but when they are needed it’s essential that they work. This does not mean you can forget about it and never check it, but it does make it more resilient than a lot of other choices.


If the Mob Pop has been used in a real situation there is every chance it can be used again. With a simple turn of the wrists the Mop Pop reverts back to its stored size ready to be put back in its bag. This is a fantastic feature on long voyages where land fall may be a long way off and you do not want to be without a means of recovery.